At the special invitation from the Turkish Business Angels Association (TBAA), the team of the PanSlovenian Shareholders' Association (VZMD), joined the international delegation of business angels, which visited Albania, Kosovo and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, as a focal part of the sixth tour of the VZMD's international business-investor programs, within five days at the end of May 2015. For this purpose, the team of / investo.TV produced an exclusive VIDEO REPORT on the intensive events. The business delegation entitled »Access to Finance for Start-ups of South-East Europe« consisted of the President and Vice President of TBAA, a representative of the Istanbul stock exchange, managing director of the Technology Park and the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the Technical University in Istanbul, the President of the Business Incubator LabX, and the President of VZMD and a member of the Executive Board of the European Federation of Investors - Better Finance.

Immediately upon arrival in Tirana, the delegation took part in the business breakfast with the Albanian Chamber of Commerce at the Sheraton Hotel, where the representatives of the local business community discussed about the investment climate in Albania. The reception was followed by the meeting with the Vice President of the Turkish Government and diplomatic corps, which was later followed by the reception at the local university, which was also the venue of the round table where the members of delegation presented methods and viewpoints for persuading a business angel to invest in a company.

As a part of the intensive program of the delegation, the VZMD President in Tirana also paid visit to the Summit of the South-East European Cooperation Process, which was visited by the high representatives of 13 countries, EU and OSCE, who addressed crucial issues of the region, among others, the possibilities to strengthen economic cooperation, mutual and foreign investments. On this occasion, Mr. Verbič talked with numerous participants, namely the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania and Turkey, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia and high representatives of the economy and diplomacy, one of them being the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Tirana, His Excellency Bojan Bertoncelj. Having visited headquarters of several companies, the delegation stopped by at the Innovation Center of Tirana, which was the venue of the central event of the international community - Startup Grid. The day ended with the gala dinner at Sofra e Ariut, the famous restaurant in Tirana.

During the business breakfast, the chancellor of the University Marin Barleti and the managing director of the Technological Park of the Technical University in Istanbul signed a memorandum, while the participants discussed about the possibilities of collaboration among Istanbul, Albanian and other regional security stock exchanges. After the visit to the Turkish Embassy, the delegation was received by the Albanian Minister of Innovation. The business lunch at the restaurant of the Sky Tower hotel was followed by the meeting with the Albanian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, and the round table at the School of Economics in Tirana. The visit to Albania ended with a gala dinner, which was attended by over 50 prominent guests, representatives of the politics, the economy, institutions and diplomacy.

At the crack of dawn on the third day, the delegation set off for Kosovo to participate in the international conference of the Kosovo Business Angel Network (KOSBAN). The introductory speech was delivered by the local Ambassadors of Norway and Turkey, where one of the keynote speakers was the Kosovo Minister of Trade and Industry. On this occasion, KOSBAN also signed important Memorandum of collaboration. Beside high representatives of diplomacy and the economy, the conference was also attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Kosovo, His Excellency Miljan Majhen, who visited the frequented presentation area of VZMD's business-investor programs Invest to Slovenia – and International Investors` Network –, together with the organizers. The series of events continued at the local Universum College, where the delegation members talked with students about entrepreneurship, innovations and investments as well as potentials and perspectives of Kosovo. The events ended with the five startup pitch presentations from Kosovo and the address of the managing director of the local Innovation Center. The intensive day ended with the gala dinner at the Emirald hotel which, beside 30 prominent guests, was also attended by the local Slovenian Ambassador.

On the fourth day, the delegation headed for Skopje, where the eminent Bushi resort was the venue of the business conference, and thereafter the Memorandum with the government agency for investments »Invest in Macedonia« and the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia was signed. The events were attended by numerous prominent representatives of the economy, politics and diplomacy who were considerably interested in visiting the presentation area of the VZMD's international business-investor programs. After the business breakfast on the fifth day, the delegation members set off for Tetovo, where the Memorandum of understanding was signed with the local Mayor and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of North-West Macedonia (OEMVP), following the reception organized by the regional business community. Upon signing, a visit was paid to the Technological, industrial and development park of Tetovo (TIDZ) which was presented by the Mayor and the park management.

Therefore, within five days, the business delegation took part in multiple receptions at universities, ministries, innovation centers, business incubators and business breakfasts, lunches and gala dinners, with high representatives of the economy, politics, enterprises and institutions.

The VZMD President, Mr. Kristjan Verbič, joined the delegation from the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, immediately after the election to the International Fund for Cooperation and Partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (BSCSIF), while the journey from Skopje was continued in Paris, where he traditionally participated in the OECD Forum. The extensive, already sixth this year's tour of the international business-investor programs and was concluded by the VZMD President in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, by actively participating in the European Commission delegation »Mission for Growth«.

After fruitful presentations in the past two years in Abu Dhabi, Astana, Almaty, Baku, Belgrade, Bled, Bratislava, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Buffalo, Bucharest, Cape Town, Celje, Dubai, Vienna, Eindhoven, Grodno, Helsinki, Istanbul, Yaroslavl, Qatar, Kiev, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Madrid, Minsk, Montevideo, MoscowNew DelhiNew York, Ouagadougou, Paris, Piran, Praia, Pristina, Reykjavik, Skopje, Tehran, Tirana, TokyoTorontoWarsaw, VitebskWiesbaden in Zagreb, the international business-investor programs of VZMD continue to provide efficient presence and presentation for its partners on five continents this year as well.

If you would like to take part in the events and activities, you are kindly invited to contact the coordinator of the program at VZMD by phone at +386 31 770 771 or e-mail 

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