The project kick-off happened in February 2008 under close supervision of PanSlovenian Shareholders Association and strong support of project partners.

Main aim of the project is to support foreign investment activities in Slovenia and Eastern Europe by:

1Organizing networking events and market related conferences

2Offering an information platform/portal as a resource for:

  • finding the suitable investment opportunities and local experts for Eastern European region - free of charge (learn more...),
  • to enable local and/or regional organizations to promote themselves as potential organizations to which investors would decide to invest to
  • to serve as a communication & collaboration platform for:
    • video conferencing
    • free voice conferencing
    • collaboration environments for:
      • project management
      • task management
      • document management
      • finance management
      • risk management

all secure, online and in real time - LIVE!

First international event held in June 2008

From 19th to 22nd of June 2008, the has hosted an international event where organizations such as EuroShareholders and World Federation of Investors Corporations and other organizations (mainly Slovenian Blue Chip Companies) have presented their points of view about investment opportunities, challenges and advantages today.

The program also hosted the Euroshareholders General Assembly and Slovenian economy presentations. Besides other guests, following VIP speakers were present. team and PanSlovenia Shareholders' Association