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PETROL d.d., Ljubljana

PETROL d.d., Ljubljana
WaySearch Dunajska c. 50
SI-1527 Ljubljana
Full Name: PETROL, slovenska energetska družba, d.d., Ljubljana
Industry: Sale of petroleum products, sale of merchandise and services in Slovenia and in markets of SE Europe, gas, electricity, other energy and environmental activities
Size: 3000 - 10000
Geographical presence:

The Petrol Group is present in Slovenia and in the following SE European countries:

  • Austria
  • Cyprus
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • Kosovo
  • Albania
  • Macedonia

Contact Person: Mr Janez Živko
Position: Member of the Management Board and CFO
Department: Management Board
Contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Phone: +386 1 4714 415

The Petrol Group is the largest Slovene energy group and the second largest Slovene group in terms of revenue. Today, Petrol is a regional partner providing comprehensive energy supply on the road and at home. Reliability, well-planned organic growth, unconditional respect for the environment and strategic presence that relies on a growing network of over four hundred service stations.

In addition to our umbrella brand, Petrol, we successfully manage several product brands, which include the Petrol club customer card and Petrol business payment cards, the network of Hip Hop shops at service stations, the environmentally friendlier and high quality new generation of Petrol fuels. The Petrol Group's service stations are successfully developing into friendly stops offering everything that we, drivers and passengers, not just our cars, need for a smooth journey. Customer satisfaction measurements, good financial indicators and various awards for business and environmental excellence received in the past years are confirmation to our good work.

In addition to the parent company, the Petrol Group consists of seven domestic subsidiaries, thirteen foreign subsidiaries, seven joint ventures and five affiliates. It covers four key lines of business: the sale of petroleum products and other merchandise, the sale and distribution of gas, the production, sale and distribution of electricity and heat, and environmental products and services.

The Petrol Group's core line of business is petroleum and merchandising, and its main competitive advantage is its wide network of 439 state-of-the-art service stations in Slovenia and abroad. In addition to the parent company, twelve of the subsidiaries, six joint ventures and two affiliates in the Petrol Group are also engaged in the sale of petroleum products, merchandise and services.

Our key activity is successfully expanded to other areas in accordance with the company's strategy. The Petrol Group has added the production, sale and distribution of electricity and heat, and the production and distribution of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to its current volume of energy business.

Projects related to the efficient use of energy and environmental projects including waste water treatment belong to a special development area. The gas, electricity, other energy and environmental activities are covered by eight subsidiaries and four associated companies within the Petrol Group.

The Petrol Group's comprehensive business operations are dedicated to promoting business excellence and are based on monitoring and following contemporary market requirements in the area of services, information technology and environmental protection. At Petrol, we feel that we are particularly responsible to our customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders and to the society as a whole.

As a successful and profitable company, Petrol makes regular dividend payments in line with its dividend policy, which is based on paying stable dividends that take account of business performance, capital structure, shareholder's expectations, investment opportunities and risks, borrowing capacity and tax aspects.

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